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My Personal Sales Coach is a team of CEOs, Top Consultants, Sales Managers and Sales Professionals who share their collective knowledge for your benefit.
The team agrees on several key points:

1. Sales professionals are most effective when they focus on the development of a strong professional relationship with customers and prospects based on a 'win/win' philosophy.

2. Most sales professionals need to 'rifle shot' their sales efforts to attain focus and a close relationship with priority customers.

3. Most sales planning is either financially and budget oriented, or too detailed. Sales professionals are great at meeting with people, not filling out hundreds of forms.

Your Personal Sales Coach can help you develop a Strategic Sales Plan that is your personal business plan. Think of it this way:

Your view of the world changes based upon your perspective. If you are standing on the ground in mountainous terrain, you really don't know what over the next rise or in the next valley. If you develop all of your plans and efforts based upon that ground view, then you will probably find that you receive a lot of surprises. Some pleasant, some not so pleasant.

Imagine for a moment that you could hop into a jet, and climb to 30,000 feet and look at that same terrain. Your view of the world, and your understanding of the opportunities and threats in that world, would change. You would see the big picture.

Your Personal Sales Coach will help you see the big picture of your business terrain from 30,000 feet. This tool is your Strategic Sales Plan. A well-focused sales strategy can have a very favorable impact on your business success. You'll be putting precious resources (your time) into areas that can produce the most strategic benefit.

Your Personal Sales Coach will present many sales techniques and tools, all from the perspective of a strategic sales plan based upon a customer relationship management strategy.

If you sell mainly on price, or don't receive referrals and repeat business regularly, much of this material may not seem to apply to you. However, you may be missing addition income and satisfaction if price is your main sales weapon.

There can always be someone who has a lower price, but great relationships developed though a well executed and designed strategic sales plan are rarely damaged by competition that competes mainly on price.

The Personal Sales Coach is free, but you must register to get the most benefit from the tools. Registration is free, and your privacy will be protected.

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